2019 International Buddhist Conference & Maha Sanghadana – Linkou, Taiwan….

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Linkou, Taiwan

The “2019 International Buddhist Conference and Maha Sanghadana was held at the National Sports University at Linkou, Taiwan on August 25, 2019 hosted by Chung Hwa International Merits Society of Buddha Puja and Sangha Dana Society in Taiwan. More than 7000 Buddhist Monks and Nuns from all districts in Taiwan and overseas with more than 10,000 devotees participated this grand occasion. The President of Chung Hwa International Merits Society of Buddha Puja and Sangha Dana, Mr. Lin Jun Lu & Madam Wang Shue Yu, the CEO and General Secretary of Chung Hwa International Merits Society of Buddha Puja and Sangha Dana Society in Taiwan were coordinated this mass merit event. 

The Sanghadana held under the blessings & leading by the Most Venerable Master Shih Ming Kuang (Chen Chih Ming), Most Venerable Master Guoqing, Most Venerable Master Hai Tao, Most Venerable Dharma Master Hisn Tao (Chan Master Hsin Tao), Most Venerable Master Shih Ching Yao, & Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Shih Jian Yin with high Buddhist Masters in Taiwan. The President of Chung Hwa International Merits Society of Buddha Puja and Sangha Dana, Mr. Chen Chia Uny was coordinated this mass merit event. 

The “2019 International Conference and Maha Sanghadana hosted by Chung Hwa International Merits Society of Buddha Puja and Sangha Dana Society in Taiwan. The Pure Land Temple Chief Master, Most Venerable Master Shih Tsu Cheng conducted the whole program as singing Ode to the Three Jewels, Practice Chanting Amitabha Buddha, Chanting Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Pūrvapraṇidhāna Sūtra and Chanting Merit of Praising the Sangha Sutra. This year meaningfully celebrated on the event & it is one of the World’s most prominent and celebrated festivals, with the largest annual mass Buddhist Monks great ceremony in the world.  The solemn and beautiful team composed of more than 50 female representatives from Taiwan, mainland China, Japan and Vietnam, holding the wonderful offerings, dressed in each under the guidance of the CEO of Wang Xueyu, the national costumes with special characteristics entered the scene with sincerity and stepping on the graceful steps. Then they set foot on the red dragon gold stage and came to the front of the Buddha to offer the “ten support” of the wonderful victory. Pray for the three treasures of the Holy Light to descend from the table, and the thousands of people will be the same as the law.

The chairman of the conference, Most Venerable Master Ming Kuang (Chen Chih Ming), led the representatives of the four Buddhas, and prayed for the guest of Lupinuo to visit the winners and make Datian. In addition, the representatives of the laymen invited the twenty-four days to descend to pray for the blessings. Supporting the Holy City of the Fa, the public also with a sincere, respectful heart, the same as the law of victory. The annual event, which was made by the power of all the people, ended in a happy and grateful atmosphere, and ended with a happy ending. It prayed for the strength of the good faith and the peace of mind, and the merits of returning to the Fa-rectification. Stretching, the Buddha and the high-hanging Pu Yao Daqian, the Huan Po is a pure land of peace, the ten parties have a good time to prove Bodhi. In Buddhism every year on the lunar new year, there is a religious ceremony for the salvation of the generations and the pray, which is: Josspapers Council. Today, they have the honour to meet the law of Buddha and have the privilege of knowing that the spirit of filial piety of the josspapers basin, as a Buddha, is a Buddha. Namo Amitabha!




Buddhika Sanjeewa

After the visit to Linkou, Taiwan

Official Photographs by Lin Chun Chieh – Taiwan – 官方照片 林群傑