Special Bathing Buddha Ceremony held at Putuoshan Temple in Cambodia….

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Phnom Penh – Cambodia –

The special Bathing Buddha Ceremony held at Putuoshan Temple premises in Battambang Province, Cambodia on April 21, 2019. The ceremony had been gracefully organized under the guidance and patronage of the Most Venerable Master Bhikkhuni Shih Sheng Hua – Chief Abbes of Pu Tuo Shan Temple in Taiwan and Cambodia, President of China International Pu Tuo Shan and Putuoshan Temple in Shulin District of New Taipei City, Taiwan / Putuoshan Monastery in Tongluo, Taiwan / Putuoshan International Association / Putuoshan Monastery in Cambodia / Putuoshan Minghua Care Center in Cambodia doing hard work for Buddhism and society. 

The special Taiwanese Buddhist delegation also participated for organizing support to celebrate the Special Bathing Buddha Ceremony at Putuoshan Temple in Cambodia. Also, Cambodian politicians and more than 500 people participated as the guests and devotees of this historic and auspicious event.

Most Venerable Master Bhikkhuni Shih Sheng Hua blessed to all participants of this ceremony, Prosperity and Longevity. Cambodian people took the great opportunity with grand blessings through the Special Bathing Buddha Ceremony.

The universal message is that “it’s easy to wash away physical dirt, but much more difficult to cleanse one’s inner impurity of greed, anger and ignorance”. This is the true meaning of the Bathing of the Buddha Ritual. This indicates that, having gone through three great incalculable eons of practice and about to attain Buddhahood in the human realm, he was the most superior among all the heavenly and human beings. Since then, Buddhists have been celebrating the Buddha’s birthday as a tradition by performing the Buddha bathing ceremony.

The festival celebrates the birthday of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who was to become Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The Buddha brings wonderfully refreshing Buddha Dharma to the living beings with burning afflictions in the three realms and lead them to the path of liberation.

Since ancient times, Buddhists all over the world celebrate Buddha’s birthday by using fragrant water to bathe the image of the infant Buddha. There is great significance in the act as the fragrant water is poured over the statue of the infant Buddha three times. It symbolizes the cleansing of our body, speech and thoughts to eradicate anger, greed and ignorance in order to purify our minds to cultivate merits and wisdom. This ritual performed with reverence and a purified mind is said to improve harmony and inner balance, leading to a flourishing, fulfilling, wholesome, blissful and enlightened life.

Buddhika Sanjeewa

Official Photographs by Ena Ah Vy – Cambodia