“Big Buddha Meets Mozart” Zen Meditation Program in Austria….

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Europe Vienna, Austria –

Nowadays, Master Chi Sung Hung is most popular Zen Meditation Master in the world. Also, he is the Earth Zen Person, International Meditation Teacher, Founder of Enlightening Earth Association, Buddha Cultural & Bodhisattva Association in Taiwan. Last October 10, 2019 Master Chi Sung Hung participated for many Zen Meditation teachings in various places in Austria. Ms. Lynn Gong, the Teacher of Zen Meditation and President of Enlightening Earth Association, Buddha Cultural & Bodhisattva Association & devotes also participated this auspices event.

Many benefits of Zen meditation are that it provides insight into how the mind works. The deepest purpose is spiritual, as the practice of Zen meditation uncovers the innate clarity and workability of the mind. In Zen, experiencing this original nature of mind is experiencing awakening. “The Great Buddha of the Century” showcased in Austria at Deep Space of Ars Electronica Center first time outside of Taiwan in October 2019.  The largest painting of a Buddha ever created was presented for the first time outside of Taiwan, in virtual reality form in the Deep Space of Ars Electronica Center Linz. It measures 168m x 72.5m and was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in June this year.

Its creator Zen Master Hung Chih- Sung led the audience and the accompanying delegation through a meditative journey and a recited a poem he had especially written for the event called “When the Great Buddha meets Mozart in Linz”. The group then embarked on a 10 days Zen Meditation Tour through Upper Austria. One more highlight was a cultural-culinary evening at RAU nature based cuisine in Grossraming, Nationalpark Ennstal / Kalkalpen. The tour and its bridge-building events was initiated and led by the Austrian Taiwan Resident Gabriele Seewald in collaboration with Upper Austria Tourism Bureau.

The “Da Buddha Digital Image Exhibition” was exhibited at the Ars Electronica Center of the Austrian National Digital Arts Center. “Century Buddha” was invited to exhibit in Linz, Austria. General Manager of Andreas Winkehofer, Austrian best- selling author Gabriele Seewald, General Manager of Deep Space, Austrian National Center for Digital Art, Christoph Kremer, Zen artist Hong Qizhen, Austria Tourism expert Hong Xiuzhen, Manfred GRUBAUER, general manager of the Austrian Linz Tourism Bureau also participated.

Certified by King’s World Record, “The Largest Painting in Human History – The Big Buddha of the Century”, at the invitation of the Austrian Tourist Office, first appeared at the Ars Electronica Center in the Austrian Digital Arts Center on the occasion of the 10th National Day. The figure of the foot and the width of 72.5 meters, the total area of more than 12,000 square meters of the portrait of the Buddha, so that the Buddha and Austria to make a relationship, so that more people feel the shock of the Century Buddha! Internationally renowned Zen artist Master Chi Sung Hung said that Austria is the country where the Buddha wants to go, so he will come to Linze to share the meditation movement with Mozart, and the Sense Earth Association will go out of Taiwan with the Buddha.

大佛數位影像展」在雙十國慶於奧地利國家數位藝術中心深空館(Ars Electronica Center)展出。大佛數位影像展」在雙十國慶於奧地利國家數位藝術中心深空館(Ars Electronica Center)展出。(記者林怡宣攝) 世紀大佛」受邀到奧地利林茲展出,左起上奧地利旅遊局總經理Andreas Winkehofer、奧地利籍暢銷作家Gabriele Seewald、奧地利國家數位藝術中心深空館總經理Christoph Kremer、禪畫藝術家洪啟嵩、奧地利旅遊專家洪繡巒、奧地利林茲旅遊局總經理Manfred GRUBAUER、覺性地球協會會長龔玲慧。

由金氏世界紀錄認證的「人類史上最大畫作—世紀大佛」,應上奧地利旅遊局邀請,在雙十國慶這天首登奧地利數位藝術中心深空館(Ars Electronica Center),展出長168公尺、寬72.5公尺,總面積超過1萬2000平方公尺的大佛數位畫像,藉此讓大佛與奧地利結因緣,讓更多人感受世紀大佛的震撼! 國際知名禪畫藝術家洪啟嵩演說時提到,奧地利是大佛想去的國家,所以才會來到林茲(Linze),與莫札特共譜禪修樂章,而覺性地球協會將跟大佛一起走出台灣、走到林茲、走向世界!最後洪啟嵩用河洛語吟唱李白《採蓮曲》。

此外,洪啟嵩為了此次大佛在奧地利首航,特地撰寫12首英文詩,現場由奧地利籍暢銷作家Gabriele Seewald德語朗誦,字裡行間都能感受到大佛的能量與感動;配上灣聲樂團的李哲藝老師,特別編曲錄製的《當大佛遇到莫札特》音律,更能引人入勝。這次「大佛的歐洲首站」上奧地利旅遊局相當重視,除了舉辦台灣之夜迎接大佛到來外,也積極宣傳讓大佛數位展覽,讓更多當地民眾認識大佛。上奧地利旅遊局總經理Andreas Winkehofer表示,大佛具有和平、找到美好生活的力量,希望透過大佛數位影像展,創造出台灣與奧地利間嶄新的文化鏈結!. 世紀大佛讓奧地利人感受到台灣宗教獨有的文化力量」中華航空奧地利分公司總經理陳麗蘭感動的說。她期待看到更多奧地利民眾能親身到台灣感受內斂的文化底蘊. 據了解,「台灣之夜-大佛數位影像展」的張門票全數銷售一空,這對台灣較陌生的奧地利而言,「售罄」可謂是另類的台灣之光!

Buddhika Sanjeewa
After visit to Europe Vienna, Austria
Official Photographs by Margaret Wang