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Most Venerable Master Shih Tzu Cheng

Chief Abbot of Pure Land Temple in Ban Qiao, Chu Lin Temple Xin Dian & Vice Abbot of Cih Ming Temple in Tai Zhong in Taiwan

Most Venerable Master Shih Ching Yao

The President of CHING-HUA Society Improvement Foundation, President of PHU-SIEN Benevolence Charity Home, President of The China International Offering Ceremony to All Buddha’s and Sangha’s Association (CIBSA), Chief Master, Abbot & President of the CI-FA Buddhist Temple in Taiwan

Most Venerable Master Shih Ming Kuang (Chen Chih Ming)

The Ta Hsiuang Monastery Chief Master, Vice President Buddhist Association of Republic of China

Amritha presents “Namadimi Himiduni” songs for Buddhism.

Sri Lankan most popular & leading International Buddhist Magazine and website, “Mettavalokanaya” sharing above songs to listen worldwide Buddhists….

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