Buddhist Sangha Health Care Foundation held huge Dharma Assembly in Taiwan….

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The “Buddhist Sangha Health Care Foundation” annually arranges special huge Dharma Assembly in Taiwan as their great event. On this time they held another one huge Dharma Assembly on December 01, 2018 at International Exhibition Center premises, in Taiwan. The Dharma Assembly held under the blessings & leading by the Pure Land Temple Chief Master, Most Venerable Master Shih Tsu Cheng and Buddhist Sangha Health Care Foundation Founder Most Venerable Master Hui Ming Shih conducted the whole program as singing Ode to the Three Jewels, Practice Chanting Amitabha Buddha, Chanting Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Pūrvapraṇidhāna Sūtra and Chanting Merit of Praising the Sangha Sutra. Master Shih Tsu Cheng’s chanting is very popular in Taiwan.

More than 5,000 Buddhist Monks and Nuns also participated the event. Founded in 1988 till now, Buddhist Sangha Health Care Foundation has been working for the improvement of sangha’s physical, mental and spiritual overall health and providing of medical or nursing services. They have now gathered around hundreds of medical professionals and volunteers in this service, sharing the same hope that an act of kindness may inspire more people (including volunteers and professionals) to join in the task for the continuity of Buddha’s teachings.

The “Taiwan Buddhist Sangha Health Care Foundation” has free physical examination for Sangha all over Taiwan for medical team tours around monasteries in north, middle and south of Taiwan every year to do physical examinations for monks and nuns, follow up symptoms of diseases or arrange hospital treatments if necessary, and establish the system of individual medical and health records for sangha. By the way, Sangha health network of their, seek widely for cooperative hospitals, health centers or staff who are willing to cooperate in this work, providing monks and nuns the most appropriate and beneficial medical and nursing services available for them, which allows them to keep precepts on body and mind without breaking sangha’s principles of purity.

Health insurance and medical Subsidy for Taiwan Buddhist sangha, in spite of their nationality or sect. of Buddhism they practice (whether it is the open school comprising all sects of Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Mahayana or Hinayana), have troubles to pay for their health insurance or  hospital charges, provide medical subsidy from subscription made for this item. Special subsidy for eye-glasses and false teeth for sangha who need to wear eye-glasses or false teeth cannot afford the charges, provide certain subsidy in this case. Free medical counseling or transferring to hospitals for sangha who need to inquire about health problems, medical treatments or health insurance etc. can contact for them for medical advice or assistance.

Hospice Care and Funeral Service for sangha who are dying, we will assist them going through this process and handle the remains of the deceased according to their wish. For those who took sangha’s vow and kept the precepts during lifetime, store the remains in a monastery tower. And up to now, they have 200 bone-ash storages donated by Hsin-Chu Fu-Tien Temple to our organization for this use. Training Sangha therapists in service of counseling invite psychologists to train senior monks or nuns who have right understanding and thought of Buddhism with knowledge of psychology and skills of professional counseling, so as to help the new ones in breaking through the spiritual or mental problems in their monastic life. Buddhism Medical Culture & Volunteers’ Training through educational curriculum and activities, on one hand shape and uplift the medical culture in our society, on the other hand train medical volunteers to do their service, thus encouraging more people to contribute to our community.

List of Doctors and Hospitals Available for Sangha name list of doctors and regional hospitals in cooperation with these organization in Taiwan, providing monks and nuns a quick and easy way of getting the medical services they need. Bi-monthly Journal for Sangha Health Care the publication of the journal is in hope of saving one’s mind by the teachings of Buddha while saving his/her body by methods of medical science, that is why the journal includes the teachings of Buddha, information on health and medical treatments.

Life, old age, disease and death is an ever-on-going drama, revealing a fact that suffering of life is actually inborn with every sentient being. However, by means of medical science the pain suffered can be reduced, even though it is incompetent to remove the causes of suffering. This helps us to realize that through teachings of Buddha we can put an end to the sufferings of life, while it is also true that the methods of medical science can reduce the suffering. For sangha who dedicate their whole life in pursuing dharma, often neglect the importance of applying medical methods, which in turn leads to more pains or diseases. They have seen many of them ignore the symptoms of diseases, get overwhelmed by medical treatments, or end up nowhere to go when they get old and sick.

To pass on the lineage of Buddha’s teachings, Buddhist Sangha Health Care Foundation carries the load of sangha’s health. This is a nonsectarian organization, offering overall services regarding to sangha’s physical, mental and spiritual health in different phases of life including old age, disease and even death. This is also the first sangha health care group established in Taiwan.

Buddhika Sanjeewa

After the visit to Taiwan

Official Photographs by Lin Chun Chieh – Taiwan

官方照片 林群傑