The First “China Shande Awards” was held in Taiwan….

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Keilong – Taiwan –  

The first “China Shande Awards” Grand Ceremony was held from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on February 24, 2019 and the first “China Shande Awards” was hosted by the corporate charity China Character Promotion Education Association. The event was held in Keilong Tzu Chi Jingsi Hall, Taiwan, including Nearly 100 mages such as the Ming Dynasty Master of the Temple of Haiming Temple, the abbot of Keelung Qing Temple, and the Master of India, and more than 500 people from all walks of life came to the ceremony to congratulate. The first Shande Awards included 12 awardees including Wen Zhuzhen, Le Chonghui, Lin Chuang, Chen Yuyuan, Pan Meirong, He Shuzi, Huang Yunxi, Wang Lianjin, Lin Baozhi, Qiu Chuangji, Cai Shuping and Li Gui. The organizers presented trophies and gave gifts outside the Buddha. And commended the charity, filial piety or family to pay for the outstanding deeds of the awards, the participants shared the good touch.

Most Venerable Bhiksuni Dr. Ming Yu, The chairman of the China Character Association, The Former President of Chinese Young Buddhist Association in Taiwan (CYBA) & the Honorary Vice President of the World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) and Former President of the Outstanding Women in Buddhism Awards and Most Venerable Master Shih Ming Kuang (Chen Chih Ming), The Ta Hsiuang Monastery Chief Master, Vice President Buddhist Association of Republic of China also participated as the special Masters.

The Master of the China Character Education Promotion Association, Ms. Alum, said that the Shande Prize was established to recognize the compassionate, filial piety and good deeds of all walks of life, as well as the spirit of selfless dedication, and to become a model for the public to learn. For example, the first Shande has two elders over the age of 90. Among them, the warm-hearted elders have been devoted to life, and they have spared no effort in the Hakka culture and education. The other Le Chonghui elders are the Mahayana Seiji and Tsang Magazine. Although the founder, although retired, is still a hotspot, Hongfa Lisheng is reluctant to wish. The two good-natured elders have dedicated themselves to life and are examples of popular learning. In the ceremony, there were also cultural performances such as Jingsi Drum Team, Tzu Chi Team, Taiwan International Classic Culture Association, Shouban Creative Orchestra, Gengxin Lianyuan Education Foundation and Ms. Peng Li, which were wonderful and full of warmth.

The “China Character Education Promotion Association” was established in August of the same year. The association is based on the virtues of the people who are good at living, and the foundation of good and good-natured people. They hope to promote the filial piety and good deeds and establish a good example of the public to enhance the positive energy of the society. . Master Alum said that this time, the Shande Prize was held, and the Master Zheng Yan was specially visited beforehand to receive his encouragement and affirmation. In the future, the China Charity Awards will continue to explore the compassionate and joyful homes, show the good people in the society, and let the good moral character be the fundamental good spirit of the people.

The “Goodness Awards” – Last year’s New Year’s Day, when people all over the world are enjoying the New Year holiday joyfully? There was a mage who had been driving a servant for more than 100 kilometers and rushed to the mountainous area at an altitude of 300 meters. She came to the studio on my mountain to find me. She is not coming to vacation, nor is she coming to play. She is trying to correct the social atmosphere! In order to promote moral education, come and make a special trip. She hopes that the end of the school can plan for her about moral education. Therefore, the “China Shande Award”, which was founded for the moral education, was born…

The master who is the servant of the wind and the heart of all life, she is the chairman of the China Character Association, Master Ming. Let us once again admire the great power of Master Alum! With great willingness! In order to make a living, spare no effort… For a year, we have Nothing, from 0 to 1, I hope to move from 1 to infinity in the future! Let us continue to work harder! work together! Spread character education to all parts of the world! – Shande Award Winner: Xu Aiwei. “Mettavalokanaya”, the international Buddhist Magazine & Buddhist website also wishers grand success and Bright future to the “China Shande Awards” 2019.

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