Mahopadyaya Most Venerable Dr. Pannila Sri Ananda Thero – Dignified Adviser

Our Nayaka Thero is the Chief Prelate of the Aththanagalla Sri Arahantha Rajamaha Viharaya, Houston Buddhist Temple – America, First Theravada Buddhist Temple – Taiwan and the Secretary of the Los Angeles Buddhist Temple – America, the Chief High Prelate of the Seenadi Sivu Korale Chapter.

As a Monk & Dignified Adviser of our Meththawalokana Buddhist Publication Center, give the real directions to us for distribute the Buddhism.

He is one of the founders and directors of Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara in Los Angeles and also serves as its secretary. He also performs dharma activities in Taiwan. Bhante Ananda has been in the Sangha, for more than 57 years.

He received a B.A. (Honors) in Pali Language and Buddhist Studies from the Vidyalankara University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, in 1969. After receiving a scholarship to study in Japan, he studied at Kyoto University and Osaka University of Foreign Studies and received Diplomas in Japanese Buddhist Studies and in the Japanese Language respectively. During this period, he performed dharma activities in Kobe, Japan, from 1977 to 1978

According to his concept, on these days, he built three stories schools building serious in schools which situated in nearby his temple. Also he built newly administrative and Bikku’s hostel building of Sri Dharmaloka Pirivena, Niyangoda, Kumburegama, Kandy. The cost of this two-storied building is 13,200,000 Sri Lankan rupees and the purpose of this building build that more comfortable Buddhist studies for Piriven Bikkhu’s.

In year 2004 when tsunami collapsed the island, Dr. Pannila Sri Ananda Thero with his leadership, built 336 houses in Pereliya and Rideegama in southern province the total cost was 180,000,000 Sri Lankan rupees at the same tome several temples were reconstructed also three kindergartens created in Thotagamuwa and kalmuneai.

As a ideal Bhikku, Most Venerable Dr. Pannila Sri Ananda Thero is workind hardly for Gautama Buddha Sasana.

Mr. Wijaya Wagaarachchi – Director (Creative)

After higher studies in Rajapaksa National School, Weeraketiya, Hambantota, Mr.Wijaya entered for follow up the professional Diploma in “Ingreen” Institute of printing & Graphics, Colombo-01, Sri Lanka. He Completed the Diploma in Graphic Designing, with a “Gold Medal” 2010.

Currently he is working at Wijaya News Papers as a Web, Graphic and Layout Designer. According to his carrier, Interdisciplinary Diploma in Design, focusing on design as a holistic process and mastering different approaches towards the successful completion of the project/product.

Knowledge to create computer aided designs for various substrate, printing technologies and customer requirements. Concepts of graphic design, Digital imaging and scanning, Page layout techniques, Imposition format for printing processes, Colour management, Quality control in pre – press and printing, Printing technologies and printing process. Practical assignment: Annual Report, Calendar, News paper, Product pack.

Furthermore, he is giving highly service to Meththawalokana Buddhist Publication Center as a merit & without his service charging. That is the honorary service. According to his 11 years experience in media sector, as the Creative Director, he is design layout of our “Mettavalokanaya” in every month.

Mr. Chinthaka Dikkumbura Director – Operations

Mr. Aruna Nalawaththa Director – Photographs & Video