CYBA 30th Anniversary & WAB 06th EXCO in Taiwan….

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Taipei – Taiwan – 

Chinese Young Buddhist Association in Taiwan (CYBA) celebrated 30th anniversary & World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) 06th Executive Council Meeting (EXCO) held successfully at Ci Fa temple Premises in Taipei, Taiwan on September 01, 2019. This ceremony held under the leadership by Most Venerable Master Shih Ching Yao, The President of CI-FA Buddhist Temple & Most Venerable Palawadhammo (Dr. Pornchai Pinyapong), the President of World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) & jointly hosted by Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Dr. Ming Yu, the Former President of CYBA & Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Kai Shan President of CYBA. International Organization’s Esteemed Executive Council members participated this meeting at Taipei, Taiwan.

1980s, the practice of youth studying Buddhism has become increasingly common, injecting a clear stream into the Buddhist world. Buddhism-study youths also launched a positive action force. This force united outstanding young Buddhas from all over the world. Regardless of whether they were at home, the “Chinese Buddhist Youth Association” was established on June 17, 1989. The purpose of the sect was to lead the young people to study Buddhism and combine the four disciples to continue the Buddha’s wisdom. Cultivation of talents of Falun Dafa, the use of information media, Fayin spread the world. Purify and serve the people, promote social harmony, and be kind and prosperous. Promote moral education, counsel deviation behavior, and build positive value. Guide young friends, invest in public service, and dedicate to caring for the society. Buddhist Youth Consensus – Philosophy: To attract young people to learn Buddhism and improve the quality of faith. Spirit: Compassionate life care, Xishe social welfare. Policy: Belief in Buddhism on the earth, unite the four disciples. Method: peers are willing to participate in the same, mutual assistance and mutually beneficial growth.

Annually hold “group conferences” with Buddhist youth associations around the country, and organize college youth winter and summer camps, youth health and intelligence camps, youth leadership camps, international Buddhist youth exchanges, children’s summer camps, etc. to inspire heart, morality, Youth leaders with both sadness and wisdom, actively serve the crowd and create a peaceful society. This association promotes the cross-domain and internationalization of Dharma. It has formed fraternities with the International Buddhist Youth Association of Malaysia, Japan, Vancouver, Canada and Toronto, and joined the “World Buddhist Youth Friendship Association” organization to attend various international conferences every year. Through participation and interaction, observe and learn from each other to improve the quality and effectiveness of education and social care work.

Awards – 1991 – 2010 Fourteen times won the Taiwan Ministry of the Interior’s commendation “National Social Organizations for Outstanding Achievement Awards and First Class Awards”. 1996 – won the “Peace Service Award” and the Taiwan Administration Awarded by the Academy for “Participation in the Supervision and Reform of Protective Meritorious Groups” 1997 – Awarded the “Taiwan Volunteer Service Group Award” by the Youth Counseling Committee of the Taiwan Executive Yuan. Awarded the “Teacher Group Award” by the Ministry of Education in 1998 and 2003 』 ‧Received the” Fifth National Public Welfare Award “by Taiwan National Public Service Association in 2005 ‧Received the” Social Education Public Welfare Award “by Taiwan Ministry of Education in 2006 ‧” The Third Buddhist Outstanding Contribution Award “awarded by the Thai Government in 2011 ‧ 2014 won the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth) and Thailand Nakhon Pathom (Thai National Office of Buddhism) awarded the “first World Buddhist outstanding Leadership Award” ‧ 2016 Nian was awarded the India international Buddhist College of Education and Youth Science Research Foundation awarded “Global Peace Ambassador Award” won India Environmental Care Summit Send “2016 Environmental Care Organization Award”

1980年代起,青年學佛風氣日益普遍,為佛教界注入一股清流。學佛青年也展開積極的行動力,這股力量凝聚了各地優秀青年佛子,不分出家在家,於1989年6月17日成立了『中華佛教青年會』。宗 旨 ˙接引青年學佛,結合四眾弟子,共同續佛慧命。 ˙培育弘法人才,運用資訊傳媒,法音宣流人間。˙淨化服務人群,促進社會和諧,群我慈愛富足。 ˙推動德化教育,輔導偏差行為,建立正面價值。引導青年朋友,投入公益服務,奉獻關懷社會。佛青共識 1.理念:接引青年學佛,提昇信仰品質。 2.精神:慈悲生命關懷,喜捨社會公益。 3.方針:信仰人間佛教,團結四眾弟子。 4.方法:同行同願參與,互助互惠成長。

第十屆理事長 開善法師 簡介 法鼓文理學院研究所碩士 曾任: 中華佛教青年會副理事長 新北市佛教會副總幹事 法鼓學校校友會副會長 慈法禪寺監院 理事長的話 中華佛教青年會正式邁入第十屆,開善感恩本屆理監事的支持與鼓勵,給予發心的機會,讓開善能成為本會第十屆法船的掌舵者,與大家共同努力,勇健啟航。本會在歷任理事長的辛勤耕耘下,為本會奠定了堅固的基礎; 而十方善信一路護持,成為本會推動會務的力量。開善從本會理事到前理事長明毓法師任內擔任副理事長,見證佛青會在風雨中航行的堅毅,今有幸接下重責,將承先啟後,繼往開來,帶領第十屆佛青法船,繼續下一段的航程。「接引青年學佛,培養佛教人才」是中佛青的重點工作,由佛教青年影響進而帶動社會青年,是本會的使命與責任,本屆佛青工作將著重:本會推廣佛法跨領域、國際化,與馬來西亞、日本、加拿大溫哥華及多倫多國際佛教青年會締結為兄弟會,並加入「世界佛教青年友誼會」組織,每年出席各項國際會議。藉由參與及互動往來,彼此觀摩學習與交流,提昇在教育及社會關懷工作領域之素

提昇在教育及社會關懷工作領域之素質與效益。得獎事蹟 1991年至2010年 十四度榮獲台灣內政部頒發表揚『全國性社會團體工作績優獎暨甲等獎』‧1996年 分別榮獲台灣中國青年和平團頒發『和平服務獎』及台灣行政院表揚『參與監所教化更生保護有功團體獎』 ‧1997年 榮獲台灣行政院青年輔導委員會表揚『青年志工服務人群獎』 ‧1998年及2003年 兩度榮獲台灣教育部表揚『教育有功團體獎』 ‧2005年 榮獲台灣國家公益服務協會表揚『第五屆國家公益獎』 ‧2006年 榮獲台灣教育部表揚『社教公益獎』 ‧2011年 榮獲泰國政府頒發『第三屆佛教傑出奉獻獎』 ‧2014年 榮獲世界佛教青年友誼會(World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth) 及泰國佛統府 (Thai National Office of Buddhism)頒發『第一屆世界佛教傑出領袖獎』 ‧2016年 榮獲印度國際佛教教育學院及青年科學研究基金會頒發『全球和平大使獎』榮獲印度環保關懷高峰會頒發『2016環保關懷組織獎

Buddhika Sanjeewa
After visit to Taipei, Taiwan
Official Photographs by Pongpan Ratithammakul (Zung D’voice)