05th World Buddhist Kulapati Forum & WAB 07th EXCO in Malaysia….

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Malacca, Malaysia –

The 05th World Buddhist Kulapati Forum (WBKF) and The World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) 07th Executive Council Meeting (EXCO) held successfully at A’Famosa Resort Malacca, Malaysia on November 08 – 11, 2019. Malaysian Buddhist Kulapati Association (MBKA), Melaka Buddhist Lodge (Chee Sze Lin), Malaysian Buddhist Sangha Association (MBSA), and co-organizers from over 40 Buddhist organizations in Malaysia organized this successful program.

This forum held under the leadership by Chua Beng Tian, the President of Malaysian Buddhist Kulapati Association (MBKA) and Dr. See Yew Ong, the Chairman of Organizing Committee. All delegates participated from 16 countries including Most Venerable Master Shih Ching Yao, The President of CI-FA Buddhist Temple & Most Venerable Palawadhammo (Dr. Pornchai Pinyapong), the President of World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) & jointly hosted by Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Dr. Ming Yu, the Deputy President of WAB & Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Kai Shan, the President of CYBA. Also, included 600 participants as speakers, moderators, representatives and volunteers.

The forum held under the theme of “Dhamma Propagation in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI)”. The forum discussed several areas of Buddhism and future of the Buddhism and benefit of all sentient beings. Also, this forum made the platform for create great opportunity for learning and sharing; how to propagate the Buddha Dhamma in the AI Era. Dhamma Intelligence (DI) from inner peace can help everyone to achieve their real happiness which will create peace of the world.

“The Melaka Declaration” is proposed as the guidelines for the development of Lay Buddhism in new Era: Buddhist Kulapati should take refuge to the Triple Gems and cultivate the right understanding and right view to improve the qualities of both faith and devotion in Buddhism. Kulapati organizations should work closely with the Maha Sangha and monasteries to propagate the Buddha Dharma and to benefit all sentient beings. Kulapati organizations should strengthen organization management to nurture the talents, improve the approach for knowledge management and sharing of resources in achieving long term sustainability.

Kulapati organizations from various countries should set a solid foundation on the local development with an international vision and promote the interaction and joint venture with other Kulapati organizations from other countries. Buddhist organizations should progress with the era, make good use of the technology in the management of the organization, effective collection of the doctrines and to propagate the Buddha Dharma.

Buddhist organizations should focus on the cultivation of moral ethic of the society while making good use of the technology. Buddhist organizations should use the truth and beauty of arts as media to integrate Buddhism with local culture and to deliver the teachings and core values of Buddhism. Buddhist organizations should embrace the happiness and sorrow of all sentient, to up hole social justice, to care and meet their needs, to commit to the Sustainable Development Goats (SDGs) that includes ecology preservation, in realizing the compassionate teachings of the Buddha.

净耀长老(台湾)Ven. Jing Yao (Taiwan), 郑振煌教授(台湾)Prof. Cheng-Chen Huang (Taiwan), Ven. Dr. Giác Hạnh (Dhmmadhara Bhikkhu) (美国) , 修懿法师(台湾)Venerable Hsiu Yi(Taiwan, 蔡明田居士(马来西亚)Mr. Chua Beng Thian (Malaysia), 王振威居士(马来西亚)Mr. Sherab Wong (Malaysia), 赖吉阳博士(阿联酋) Dr. Lye Ket Yong(UAE), 朋猜法师 Ven. Dr. Pornchai Palawadhammo(泰国), 安虎生居士(中国大陆)Mr. An Husheng (Mainland China) 黄先炳博士(马来西亚)Dr. Wong Sien Biang(Malaysia) 第三世巴麦钦哲仁波切/黄英杰博士(台湾)3rd Palme Khyentse Rinpoche(Taiwan) 尤芳达博士(马来西亚)Prof. Ir. Dr. Ewe Hong Tat (Malaysia) Professor Dr. Hnin Hnin Aye (缅甸) 林财兴居士(台湾)Mr. CH Lin (Taiwan )张韶芹居士(台湾)Mr. William Chang (Taiwan) 华灵博士 (韩国)Dr. Hua Ling (South Korea) 尤东暐医生(新加坡)Dr. Yew Tong Wei (Singapore)曽广志博士(澳洲)Dr. Kwong Djee Chan (Australia) Ms. Neera Lopchen (印度) Dr. Gagan Malik (印度) 拿督洪祖丰居士(马来西亚)Dato’ Ang Choo Hong (Malaysia) 明毓法师(台湾)Venerable Ming Yu (Taiwan) 张玉玲博士(台湾)Dr. Christie Chang (Taiwan) Mr. Henry Dang(澳洲)

Buddhika Sanjeewa
After visit to Malacca, Malaysia

Official Photographs by
Sililuk Yukhanthaphornphong (Pear Peace)