“Qing Ming Festival – Amitabha Repentance Ceremony” at Sam Poh Thong Temple Ampang, Malaysia….

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Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia –

Annual “Qing Ming Festival – Amitabha Repentance Ceremony” held at the Sam Poh Thong Buddhist Temple premises, Kg Baru Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia on April 12 – 14, 2019. The ceremony organized under the leadership by Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Sing Kan, the Chief Abbess of Sam Poh Thong Buddhist Temple. Lot of devotees participated this year Qing Ming Festival – Amitabha Repentance Ceremony.

Many Chinese will be visiting the tombs of their ancestors on April to pay their respects, as the Qing Ming Festival, also called Pure Bright Day or Tomb-Sweeping Day, falls on that day this year. Qing Ming is an important traditional Chinese festival celebrated on the 15th day after the spring equinox. It’s not only a day for honoring one’s ancestors but also a time to celebrate spring. The origin of the Qing Ming Festival can be traced back to a legend recorded in “Zuo Zhuan,” one of the earliest Chinese works of narrative history, which covers most of the Spring and Autumn.

Qing Ming literally means Pure Brightness, hinting at its importance as a celebration of Spring and marking the beginning of the planting season and above all, a sacred day of the dead. Tomb Sweeping Day is a day to remember and honour one’s ancestors. Young and old pray before their ancestors, weed and sweep the family graves, clean the headstones, offer food, and light incense and burn imitation paper money. In doing so, the Chinese believe that the spirits of deceased ancestors will look after the family.

Buddhika Sanjeewa

Official Photographs by Ng Hon Chuan – Malaysia