Special Taiwanese Buddhist Delegation met His Holiness Pope Francis….

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Vatican – Rome – Italy –

The Special Taiwanese Buddhist Delegation met with His Holiness Pope Francis after his General Audience at St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City, Rome, Italy on May 26, 2019. The delegation was included Most Venerable Master Shih Ching Yao, Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Shih Jian Yin, Venerable Dr. Guo Jun, Hong An, Da Hui, Kai Shan, Danni Liu and other 28 special delegates. 



This Taiwanese group met with Pope Francis after his General Audience. They are a delegation made up mainly of the Buddhist Federation and Taiwan conference on Religion and Peace. During their meeting, Ven. Jing-Yao, Chairman of the Buddhist Association, presented this statue to the pope. It is the Guanyin Bodhisattva. It is highly venerated in Chinese Buddhism believing she intercedes and protects them from disasters. The Taiwan Conference on Religion and Peace also presented the pope these books to inform him what their organization has been doing these last two decades to overcome misunderstandings of different religions. The group came to Rome to engage in religious dialogue and help promote peace across the world.

Most Venerable Master Guo Jun said after the meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis, “We hope to bring about world peace.” “To bring together Christians, Islam and all the religions in the world to work together. This is because we believe it is now time for us to be more proactive.” The Secretary General of the Tinetti Teachings Association, Danni Liu said, “We wanted to come here and visit the pope to express our wish for peace among religions and also for world peace.”

His Holiness Pope Francis – “Our religious traditions are diverse. But our differences are not the cause of conflict and provocation, or a cold distance between us. We have not prayed against one another today, as has sometimes unfortunately occurred in history. Without syncretism or relativism, we have rather prayed side-by-side and for each other.”

This delegation from Taiwan hope His Holiness Pope Francis can come to their country to help promote their cause for peace. If he goes, he would be the first pope to visit Taiwan.

Buddhika Sanjeewa

Chief Editor – Mettavalokanaya