Taiwan CYBA Celebrates 2019 Buddhist New Year….

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Taipei, Taiwan – 

Chinese Young Buddhist Association (CYBA) held a special 2019 Buddhist New Year Celebration at CYBA premises, Taipei, Taiwan on February 16, 2019 with special honorary gusts and devotees. They mentioned 108 years of Chinese new year’s gathering bless full of three thousand things.

Most Venerable Master Shih Ching Yao, The President of CHING-HUA Society Improvement Foundation, President of PHU-SIEN Benevolence Charity Home, President of The China International Offering Ceremony to All Buddha’s and Sangha’s Association (CIBSA), Chief Master, Abbot & President of the CI-FA Buddhist Temple in Taiwan & Most Venerable Bhikshuni Kai Shan, The President of Chinese Young Buddhist Association (CYBA), Most Venerable Bhiksuni Dr. Ming Yu, the Former President of Chinese Young Buddhist Association (CYBA) in Taiwan (CYBA) & the Honorary Vice President of the World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) and President of the Outstanding Women in Buddhism Awards and other higher officials also jointed this great event.

The Minister of the interior, Mr. Xu Kwok-Yong, said, ” I am pleased to see that the Buddha will invest in the prison of Hiro, public goods, and so on, so that young people can get away from evil and bring. The Ministry of interior will study the revision in religious law so that the monks can focus on fixing and reducing haunt.

The President of the Chinese Buddhist Youth Council, the president of the Chinese Buddhist Youth Association, especially invited the tenth supervisor to join the master of the elders and VIPs in new year’s day.

This year coincides with the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Buddha, the 30th Buddha team will be in a position with infinite strength, stepping on the footsteps of successive directors and supervisors, working hard. The President of Taipei’s Buddhist Youth Council, Lim Sheng-Sheng, wishes to all.

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