Taiwan Regal Lotus Restaurant introduce Buddhist Vegetarian Foods….

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Buddhist vegetarianism is the belief that following a vegetarian diet is implied in the Buddha’s teaching. In Buddhism, however, the views on vegetarianism vary between different schools of thought. The Mahayana schools generally recommend a vegetarian diet; according to some sutras the Buddha himself insisted that his followers should not eat the flesh of any sentient being. Monks of the Mahayana traditions that follow the Brahma Net Sutra are forbidden by their vows from eating flesh of any kind.

According to the Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra, a Mahayana sutra purporting to give Gautama Buddha’s final teachings, the Buddha insisted that his followers should not eat any kind of meat or fish, even those not included in the 10 types, and that even vegetarian food that has been touched by meat should be washed before being eaten. Also, it is not permissible for the monk or nun just to pick out the non-meat portions of a diet and leave the rest: the whole meal must be rejected.

Vegetarian food is about lifestyle; an attitude towards our environment and our health. Regal Lotus Restaurant is a multi-national buffet offering over 200 various gourmet dishes including Italian, Japanese style, fresh salad bar, excellent cream of mushroom soup, special hot pot, medicinal dishes, Hong King style dimsum, deserts, chilled dripped coffee, and Hargen Daz Ice-cream. The Regal Lotus Restaurant play big role in the vegetarian food promote worldwide and now days very famous in Taiwan located NanJin E. Road, No. 188, B1, Taipei, Taiwan.

Mr. Anthony Lau, the Founder & President of Regal Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant Taiwan said, “Vegetable food will make you healthy and charming. For many young people, not every meal is strictly forbidden to milk, eggs, meat, but the concept of “multiple fruits and vegetables, less fish” is very important. These people do not label themselves as “vegetarian”. It is natural to live a “vegetable food” life. “Vegetable food is not just a food choice, but more likely a value choice, a life attitude!” Diet, life the change of type reflects the modern people’s awareness and thinking about environmental ecology and animal life”. Monday without meat day, I hope everyone will have no meat at least on Monday, let the earth catch their breath.

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