Taichung Sanbao Huchi Association’s 31st Great Sanghadana in Central Taiwan

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The Taiwan Taichung Sanbao Huchi Association (The Triple-Gems-Supporting Association, Taichung, Taiwan) annually arrange special Sanghadana in Taiwan as their great event. On this time they held their 31st Great Sanghadana on July 07, 2018 at International Exhibition Center premises, No. 161 Gaotie 5th Road, Wuri District, Taichung City in Taiwan.

The Sanghadana held under the blessings & leading by the Most Venerable Master Guoqing, Most Venerable Master Benwu & Most Venerable Master Pindola-Bharadvaja. Supported by Taichung City Government, Chinese Buddhist Association, Taiwan Buddhist Association, Taichung Buddhist Association, Taichung Buddhist Union, Changhua Buddhist Association, Taiwan To-Go & Nantou Buddhist Association in Taiwan.

The Pure Land Temple Chief Master, Most Venerable Master Shih Tsu Cheng conducted the whole program as singing Ode to the Three Jewels, Practice Chanting Amitabha Buddha, Chanting Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Pūrvapraṇidhāna Sūtra and Chanting Merit of Praising the Sangha Sutra. Master Shih Tsu Cheng’s chanting is very popular in Taiwan.

This year meaningfully celebrated on the event & it is one of the World’s most prominent and celebrated festivals, with the largest annual mass Buddhist Monks great ceremony in the world. More than 10,000 Buddhist Monks participated the event & attended the Alms Offering Rituals.
On this beautiful day, the number of monastics arriving from the ten directions to join the distinguished meeting broke records from years before: in all 6,977 monastics arrived to receive offerings. Every year on the seventh lunar month people celebrate the Ghost Mass Feeding Festival, which also becomes the Month of Filial Piety. The Great Dharma Assembly Sanghadana is often held before or after this period. In the twenty-first century, in which many cultural traditions are fading out with each passing day, this kind of historical continuity, and the appearance of this kind of culture and belief, whose meaning is profound, is even more worth cherishing. Together with the volunteers, food preparers, staff members and congregation, the event reached a scale of over twenty thousand people. This esteemed meeting, a grassroots Dharma Banquet, allowed people to really see the power of beauty and goodness that maintain the stability and forward progress of this society, and to experience the bright prospects and hope found on this small island. This is the most beautiful side of Taiwan.

The traditional origin of the Sanghadana is quite old. Beginning at the time of the Buddha, the tradition of Rains Retreat (Vassa) for the Sangha was already established: Every year, from the sixteenth day of the fourth lunar month to the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month the Sangha remains in retreat, energetically cultivating the Way. On the fifteenth of the seventh month this period ends, and it is called “the day the Buddhas rejoice in,” or “the day upon which the Sangha purifies” (Pavarana). This Sanghadana event is the largest event of its kind in central Taiwan, and up until now already has a thirty-year history. The first Sanghadana was held in 1988 at Taichung’s Nanputuo Monastery. The following event took place at the Wanfo Monastery in Wufeng. In 1992 the event moved to a stadium in Zhanghua. In 2009, 2010, and 2011 the Sanghadana was held in Taichung’s Trade Park. Beginning in 2012 the event was held in Greater Taichung’s International Exhibition Center. Over the years thousands of monastics have been invited to pray for blessings and peace, and for the liberation of deceased relatives, all without recompense (memorial tablets are provided free of charge at the event).

The scene of today’s Sanghadana is a microcosm of Taiwan’s benevolent Buddhist culture, and of the Taiwanese people’s pure devotion. It is truly brilliant. The 31st Sanghadana in Taiwan has already come to a perfect conclusion, leaving behind unforgettable memories and unlimited Dharma Joy.

Buddhika Sanjeewa
After visit to Taichung, Taiwan