The World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) 03rd Global Buddhist Congregation in Myanmar….

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Yangon, Myanmar – 

The World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) 03rd Global Buddhist Congregation held successfully at Yangon, Myanmar on December 07 – 11, 2018. This meeting held under the leadership by Most Venerable Palawadhammo (Dr. Pornchai Pinyapong), the President of World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) and Chairman of the Executive Council Meeting of WAB & jointly hosted by Honorary President of WAB and Chief Abbot of Aungzabu Tawya Dhamma YeikTha Monastery, Yangon Most Venerable Sayadaw Pandawontha Maha Sadhamajotikadaja Aungzabu Bhikkhu and Dr. Daw Hnin Hnin Aye, Vice President of both WAB and Abhidhamma University of Myanmar. International Organization’s Esteemed Executive Council members participated this meeting at Yangon, Myanmar.

This year theme of the 03rd Global Buddhist Congregation, “Buddhist Approach to Global Peace and Harmony”. The World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) is a network of international Buddhist organizations with worldwide membership from Buddhist temples, Buddhist organizations, Buddhist educational institutions and eminent individual Buddhist leaders, currently with a membership (Regional Centres) from 30 countries & 73 organizations and 14 individuals. worldwide.

Buddhika Sanjeewa

Official Photographs by Pensiri Mahasutthikul